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Gardening Jobs in September

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We have spring in QLD Australia! The time where we could get some frost is over. We can cleaning, planting and sowing summer veggies 🙂 These are the jobs I am doing this month in my food forest.

  • harvesting our "winter" vegetables like cabbage and radishes
  • cleaning raised garden beds, dig a trench in the middle, add aged chicken manure and/or compost, cover with soil again and top with mulch
  • planting new seedlings: zucchini, cucumbers, tromboncini, eggplant, watermelon, honey melon and maybe something else 🙂
  • pruning Passionfruit before it starts flowering again
  • pruning other bushes and trees if needed and before they start flowering
  • cleaning bananas: leaving always only three bananas growing in one bunch, cutting dry leaves and using them as mulch
  • dilute some aged chicken manure for watering all fruit trees, including bananas, and cover the area around with mulch
  • enjoying the garden! Very important 😀

What are you planning to do in your garden in September? These might be totally different jobs depends where you live. It would be interesting to know. Join the discussion 🙂 Comment below.