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I'm looking for some volunteers who want to learn about permaculture growing food methods and techniques while helping me in the food forest. You are the perfect one if:

  • you like gardening - beginners also welcome
  • you want to learn about easy permaculture ways of growing food
  • you can listen and follow simple instructions
  • you have few hours spare - about four hours would be great
  • you are physically fit - no heavy lifting but you need to be able to lift a full bucket of water or push a wheelbarrow if needed
  • you are preferably local - from the Fraser Coast or Bundaberg area. We are in Pacific Haven QLD 4659 Australia
  • you can work in team - I am looking for two or three people at a time

In exchange I am offering:

  • fun day 😀
  • any seeds and cuttings which are available on that day
  • learning by doing - I will explain in details what are we doing and why we are doing it so you can learn from it and apply the gardening methods in your home garden
  • I will answer all your permaculture and growing food related questions you might have on that day
  • delicious Permaculture Haven food forest tea will be provided

The jobs we will do on that day will include one or more of the following:

  • cleaning garden beds
  • pruning
  • harvesting
  • building new garden beds
  • removing unwanted plants
  • planting new plants
  • and more, depending what needs to be done

Regarding the dates, I am pretty flexible so we can discuss when suits best.

Please contact me via email at permaculturehaven@gmail.com or reply to this post if you are interested. Looking forward to meet you soon 🙂

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Hi Ewa,

Is this post still current, or did the day already happen?


Sounds great anyway.





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@earth-lover Hi Troy, Generally yes, but not at the moment. I am happy to contact you when I have a bigger job coming. It would be greatly appreciated to get some help then 🙂 Cheers