There are probably plenty of fermenting recipes. This is the recipe I learned from my mum. 

Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe

  • Fresh white cabbage – clean and thinly cut. Leave one or two healthy leaves for later.
  • salt – 20g or two flat tablespoons per 1kg cabbage
  • some fresh garlic thinly cut – about two cloves per 1kg

*Make sure that all your tools, equipment, your hands and working space is super clean. Otherwise, the sauerkraut gets upset, it will go off and your work was for nothing. Sterelise the jar, lid and the weight you put in. Check my video below if you want to know how to sterlise jars quick and simple.

*Combine all ingredients in a bowl. it is very important to massage the salt into the cabbage. Cover and leave for about 3-4 hours until the cabbage release its juices.

*Move into sterilised jar. You need to push it in very tightly with no air pockets in between. Cover with whole leaves to keep the shredded cabbage down.

*Add the remaining juice and weight on top. I usually use a tiny jar (also sterilised), which fits into the larger one. All solids need to be submerged.

*Close the jar and keep in a dark place for 10-14 days depending on the room temperature. Move into fridge when ready. Enjoy!

Important Tips:

  • Keep the filled jar in a bowl or on a plate as some liquid may escape during the fermentation process.
  • Use your raw sauerkraut in salads or as a side dish. It is important to know that the vitamins, minerals and probiotics you want to consume and take advantage of are in the raw sauerkraut only. It all goes away by cooking. All store bought sauerkraut has been heated in the jars to prolong the storage life. Homemade is best!


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