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This recipe comes from Giulia, an Italian backpacker who came to our place and helped in the food forest. She also spoiled us with this delicious pasta dish she made from scratch. Yumm! Thank you fro sharing your recipe Giulia! 


500 GR flour (I mixed plain and wholegrain)
4 eggs

Prepare a volcano with flour.
Break the eggs in the centre.
Add a bit of salt and start mixing it all, initially with the fingers than with the hands, adding some
spoons of water to amalgamate all the ingredients.
Keep on working for around 15 minutes (or maybe more).. until the dough is smooth and
homogeneous. Then put it in a bowl and leave it rest for a while (around 30 mins).

After that, stretch it wide on a working table and cut it in irregular squares.

To cook it: Add it to salty boiling water and leave it cooking for 7-8 minutes.
Strain it and flavor it with a nice sauce.

I made “RAGU’ ALLA BOLOGNESE” for our pasta.

Onion/carrot/ celery
500gr mince beef
150gr bacon
A little bit of home-made speck
Glass of wine
Salt pepper and bayleaves
Tomato sauce

In a big pan warm up some EVO OIL where you’re going to slightly fry an onion, a carrot and a stick
of celery finely cut, then I brown the bacon (and it this occasion the speck) for a couple of minutes
and I add the mince. At this point the fire is high, I stir al the ingredients to mix them till rose, and I
vanish with a glass of white wine. Add salt, pepper (even grains if you want) then slow down the fire
and add the tomato sauce. Slow cook it for at least a couple of hours, not entirely covered, leaving
some bay leafs in the sauce to give a good dark-green aroma.