Many different Perennial Vegetable Seedlings most of them supplied in a 100% biodegradable post so no replanting and no stress for the plant! We got:

Pigeon Pea – perennial tree growing peas similar to sweet peas,
Madagascar Bean – perennial bean growing like a vine,
Two different type of Rosella – perfect for tea and jam
Cranberry Hibiscus – edible leaves and perfect for tea
Asian Pigeonwings – flowering vine with blue edible flowers perfect for eating raw, for tea and food colouring
Cassava – edible leaves when cooked and the roots are a perfect potatoe substitute
Luffa Sponge plant – annual but self seeding. You can eat the young luffas like zucchini or let them grow for the sponge
QLD Arrowroot – great potatoe substitute
White sweet potatoe – delicious and quick growing
Different type of perennial spinach – perfect for eating raw and cooked, great as a ground cover

and many other edible permaculture plants seedlings. Most of the plants are $5

Pick up only by appointment by Permaculture Haven – Howard Pacific Haven QLD 4659
We are Permaculture Designers, we do permaculture courses and workshops and can also help you create your own sustainable permaculture garden. Check our website for more details.


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