Learn all you need to know about no-dig sustainable kitchen garden and how to grow healthy food with little effort! No-dig garden is an easy to build and low maintenance permaculture gardening system with lots of benefits for the gardener and the nature. Suitable for all entry levels. 

Outcome of this course: At the end of this 4 hours course, you will know how to design, build and maintain a no-dig garden. You will understand how the different no-dig gardening technics work and which one is the best for you.

  • When: Date to be announced – add yourself to the wish list please
  • Where: Howard-Pacific Haven QLD 4659
  • Time: 9am-1pm with a short brake in between. No food but our delicious home grown herbal tea will be provided!
  • Minimum number of participants: 3    Maximum: 6
  • What to bring: Good spirit! Also a pencil and paper to make notes and drawings, some crayons if you want to get very creative would be good but it is not necessary.
  • Tutor: Ewa Bekiesch – Certified Permaculture Designer and Educator. Ewa has also the Food As Medicine Certificate from the Monash University See the testimonials about us by clicking here!
  • Price: $94
  • You can pay via bank deposit, Credit Card in advance or Cash on that day. You will get full refund if there is not a minimum of 3 participants or credit for the next available course. You choose what you prefer.

What this workshop will cover:

  • introduction to permaculture, no-dig permaculture gardening systems and the different no-dig designs and options
  • why no-dig and the benefits of the no-dig gardens
  • Hugelkulture vs. Raised garden beds and how to build them using simple, recycled and/or natural materials
  • practical tips and tricks to no-dig gardening, design, maintenance and planting
  • short stroll through the Permaculture Haven Food Forest to see how the no-dig gardening works





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