Self-Sufficiency Journal – Record Track and Build On Your Success!



Enjoy and monitor your way to the self-sufficiency! You can record your harvest here, compare and see what worked best for you and where can you improve in the future.

The Self-sufficiency journal is all about food but I have also included some space where you can add other things depends on your needs. You will also find some room for your notes and a to do list at the bottom of each page.

Using it is very simple and self explaining. Check the video below to see how it works!

You are buying a copy of the original one I have developed. The access to it will be send to your emails after the payment. It is stored on our Google drive and your copy will only be visible to yourself and to me as an admin. No one else has access to your copy. Thank you for your support.

You can download a free app, the Google Sheets app, into your phone for an easy access to add your produce. 

Note, you need to have a Google account to be able to use it. I will send you an invitation to open a free Google account if you don’t have one yet.



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