Three Lemongrass Stalks – Ready to Plant

Lemongrass, Cymbopogon – is very easy to grow and doesn’t need much water at all. Lemongrass will grow in full sun and half-shade. Lemongrass is a clumping plant that grows very quickly and multiplies from the root. Perfect to plant along the edge as a grass suppressor, to deter mozzies, and to grow as biomass for mulch.

Planting tips: Lemongrass will grow anywhere. Simply dig a shallow hole, place the stalks in, fill the space around with soil and water it. Remember: the better the soil, the quicker and better your plants will grow. All our edibles grow happily and quickly in raised garden beds.

Eating tips: For tea: the greens can be harvested regularly, dehydrated, and stored in an airtight container. The lower parts – thick stalks, can be cut thinly and used in soups, chicken, and curry dishes.

The price is for three lemongrass stalks, naturally grown in my permaculture food forest, happy and healthy, ready to plant. Sending within Australia only. Not to WA, NT, TAS.

Make your own research before trying any new foods. Please also note our disclaimer in the footer of this page.



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