This recipe has been posted by Jennifer Parry in a sourdough baking group on one of the social media. The bread images she attached were amazing. Jennifer wrote: “I believe I have mastered a sourdough loaf able to be made successfully in Qld heat by using the Japanese Yudane method. The Yudane method makes the bread pillowy soft and fluffy and also keeps the bread from drying out quickly. This is because the heated gelatinised starch in the flour keeps the moisture inside the bread. Yudane is made by mixing bread flour and hot boiling water. Adding hot boiling water gelatinises the starch. The gelatinised starch not only allows the starch to take in more water, but also increases the sweetness of it. Therefore adding Yudane to a bread dough (yudane method), you can make soft, moist and sweeter bread which lasts longer. I have made this same recipe repeatedly without overproofing and temps in my kitchen being 29 – 30 degrees celsius.”

It is a very interesting method so I decided to give itΒ  go and share it here as well πŸ™‚ Let me know how did you go if you decide to try the recipe. Happy baking!

Scalded Flour (Yudane method) Sourdough Sandwich Loaf

Well suited to a Qld summer

550 g white bread flour
26g whole wheat flour
14g rye flour
80g active starter
15g olive oil
14g salt
450g water (350g cold + 100g boiling)

1. Feed starter at bedtime the night before making bread.
2. Feed again 1st thing in the morning of making bread (the amount you need to make the bread plus a little more to feed & keep).
a. At the same time place the white flour in a large bowl with salt and mix in 350g cold water, cover and let sit.
b. At the same time place whole wheat flour and rye flour in small bowl, add 100g boiling water and mix well, cover and let sit.
3. The starter should have doubled by early-afternoon (preferably around lunch). Combine both a. & b. above with the starter and oil (difficult to combine but mix by hand as much as possible then let sit for 15 mins to relax the dough, then mix again).
4. Do several S & F over the next few hours.
5. Around late afternoon time, tip out onto bench, S & F and let sit for 15 mins.
6. Divide into 3 equal portions. Form each portion to a ball.Β  Flatten with rolling pin into an elongated disc.Β  Fold right to centre and fold left overlap it.Β  Roll up the dough like Swiss Roll until a small log is formed.Β (Ensure width of the 3 logs ≀ width of tin).
7. Place all dough in the prepared loaf pan with expanded collar. Let it proof on bench until the dough almost reaches the height of the pan. Takes a few hours.
8. Cover with plastic bag and place in fridge overnight.
9. First thing in morning remove from fridge, pre-heat oven to 220β—¦C.
10. Cook for approximately 50-55 minutes until golden brown.
11. Remove from oven, internal temp 99β—¦C.
12. Wait until cold to cut!