Perfect for a breakfast sandwich or to use in salads. Easy, quick and yummy and you know what you eat! No preservatives, no artificial flavors and freshness pure! Know what you eat!

You need:

  • chicken breast
  • few drops of olive oil of sesame oil
  • garlic
  • salt
  • turmeric
  • ginger
  • sweet paprika powder
  • couple of shallots/green onion

You might also like to add if you like:

  • chili, either powder or fresh (I do with fresh for some great flavors)
  • lemongrass stalks, only the soft part, cut to very tiny pieces.
  • couple of sprinkles of corn flour to glue the chicken breast halves together but it doesn’t really need to be
  1. Wash the chicken breast, dry with a paper towel. Cut through.
  2. Rub a little bit of oil in.
  3. Rub the crashed garlic and all other ingredients in. Amount of spices as you like it.
  4. You can now sprinkle some corn flour on the part of the chicken where you put them together.
  5. Put the two halves together, place on a a piece of cling wrap and give some of the shallots on top. Wrap the cling wrap nice and tide together with knots on both ends.
  6. Leave in a fridge for about one hour to get flavors through. Place in a hot steamer and steam for about 30-40 minutes depends on the size of the chicken.

Check the photos for more details and how to do it 🙂 Enjoy!

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