Wolkenschieber – Clouds Slider Slice

Wolkenschieber! Some people call it Prophetenkuchen. I know this cake from Germany. It is a perfect way to use egg yolks when you made Pavlova the day before πŸ˜€ Quick, easy and delicious! I have this recipe from a German page. You can serve itΒ  Wolkenschieber – Clouds Slider Slice 6 egg yolks 6 tbs sunflower or other oil 80-90g (depends how big the egg yolks are) wholemeal or about 100g plain flour 6 tbs 40vol. alcohol like vodka, scotch, rum or other (you won’t taste the alcohol after baking) 80g melted butter some pure icing sugar Baking time: 5-8 minutes at 230-250Β°C. Pre-heat the oven. Whisk the egg yolks… Read More

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