Grow It! Eat It! Use It! The Sponge Gourd – Luffa aegyptiaca, Egyptian cucumber, Vietnamese luffa

This is the article I wrote for our local Fraser Coast magazine The Beacon: Sustainable Living Choices On The Fraser CoastGrow It! Eat It! Use It! The Sponge Gourd – Scientific name: Luffa aegyptiaca Other names: Egyptian cucumber, or Vietnamese luffa The Sponge Gourd or simply Luffa, is one of the plants I wouldn’t like to miss in our food forest. It has many uses, it loves our hot Summer days and the bees love it, too 🙂 It has been well known and used since the time of the Late Roman Empire. The young fruits and leaves are used as a vegetable and can be cooked in many ways or eaten… Read More

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