Yucca Blossoms with Bacon and Green Onions – Cooking with Yucca

Cooking with Yucca flowers is fun and the Yucca plant is so easy to grow! Yucca flowers contain high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants. They can be prepared in many ways like delicious antipasti, omelets, soups, sauteed with tomatoes and onions, pasta sauce, and, and, and. Yucca blossoms taste like something between artichoke and white cabbage. The best way to prepare is to blanche the petals before you start cooking with them. You can freeze the blanched petals for later use. Last night, we had Yucca flowers as a side dish. Delicious! My husband cooked it and here is the recipe. Yucca Blossoms with Bacon and Green Onions –… Read More

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