Time to Reflect on 2021…

Hello my lovely friends,

What a year this was!
We all know that the recent past wasn’t easy for many. The last two years have shown that nothing can be taken for granted and it doesn’t take much to bring uncertainty and anxiety among people. However! There is a Polish saying that “it doesn’t matter how bad things go, they will turn to something good at the end” or “there is no evil that would not turn out to be good” Well… I was reflecting on it and I found one very important positive change: huge number of people have started to grow their own food and turned their backyards and front yards into productive eco-system! Since you subscribed to my newsletter, you know that I am passionate about growing and eating healthy food and I love to show others how we do it. I find that lots of people have realised that growing food is not as difficult or time-consuming as they have thought, and that “we are only truly secure, when we look out the kitchen window and see our food growing” ( Bill Mollison).

What happened at Permaculture Haven?
We have been busy! Very busy!

  • We have worked on and completed a Permaculture design for the Rainbow Gully Community Gardens in Hervey Bay QLD
  • We have worked on and completed quite few edible landscape designs for people living on small properties like 600m2 up to large acreages like 150 acres!
  • we have visited quite few people in their homes and helped them with tips and tricks how to start growing food, where to place things in their backyards, what to grow and how to do it
  • I have conducted a quite few permaculture workshops and courses
  • I have completed my degree in Sustainable Living at the University of Tasmania –  it was an amazing journey and a great addition to my Permaculture certificates
  • I wrote many articles for our local magazine and in my blog
  • I started to write a book – stay tuned!
  • we have been lucky to welcome many lovely volunteers who helped us in our food forest and so met many like-minded, lovely people at our place at other planned and unplanned occasions
  • we gained so many subscribers for our newsletter which was such a lovely surprise <3
  • we grew and harvested plenty of food
  • and other things I forgot at the moment

I guess that everything and all together has shaped us in some way and made us realised that many people are so wonderful! Thank you to you for being wonderful <3

Would you have something to add? I would love to hear back from you. Join our discussion board, its free, and share your thoughts. Looking forward to meet you there!

Have a wonderful Christmas and plenty of food growing in your backyard in 2022! Lets turn it out to be good! It is up to us!

Sending you lots of positive vibes!

Permaculture designer, teacher and sustainable living consultant