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Capsicum and Bacon Spread or Dip Recipe

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Capsicum and Bacon Spread or Dip Recipe

Very easy to make and super delicious. We use it as a spread on a slice of fresh sourdough bread and as a dip. It can be mixed with cooked mince or fish and used as a pasta sauce. Delicious!!


  • red capsicum cut into small cubes (I took four large ones for the lot you see in the images below)
  • a dash of olive oil
  • grated cheese – Colby is good but can be any and as much as you like but not overdo!
  • smoked bacon or pork belly cut into small cubes
  • red or brown onion cut into small cubes – as many as capsicums ( I took four large red onions this time)
  • garlic – at least one entire bulb for four large capsicums
  • salt + pepper
  • Braise the capsicum with a dash of olive oil until soft. Stir in between. Stir the cheese in and put aside.
  • Braise bacon until golden, add onions and garlic and cook until golden. Stir in between
  • Add the bacon mixture to the capsicum, add salt and pepper to taste, and blend with a stick mixer
  • Place on a hot plate and bring to a boil while permanently stirring. You need the hot temperature for the jars to seal.
  • Fill sterilised jars and close them immediately.

Tip: add some chili powder for an extra kick!


Any questions or comments, just drop them below.

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