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Our Beef Steak Tartare Recipe – Simple And Good

It is super tasty and so simple to make. If you never tried a steak tartare, you should definitely have a try. If you like a nice and juicy steak from BBQ, you will love steak tartare, too! Beef Steak Tartare one nice piece of beef, topside is the best onions, we take about two

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Easy Way To Protect Plants From Sun And Bugs

I just have to share it with you as the gardening makes so much more fun since I started to use the nets over my annuals in the raised veggie patch. It protects the plants from the strong sun we have in Australia over the summer time and of course the bugs have nearly no


Chili Garlic Organic Pest Control

Here the recipe for my Chili Garlic Tea I am using to get rid of the white mould on my plants and for many different pests in my garden. I always got it in my garden shed, ready to use. I take about 1 cup of chilies and 8-10 cloves of garlic, crash it together


Slow-Smoking Smokehouse Dimensions

For all who asked about the measurements of our smokehouse, please see below. It is just a quick drawing to give you the idea about how we have done it. I hope it helps 🙂 Cheers The fire place which you can see on the left is bigger than you would usually need for a


How To Prepare Meat For Smoking – Old Traditional German Way

This is the traditional and best way of preparing meat for smoking. No nasty chemicals, no special pickling salt. You only need the regular salt and garlic. That’s it! Tasty can be healthy! Ingredients: meat: pork belly 500g or more table salt 1 or more garlic bulb Processing: Clean the meat if needed (we usually


How To Build A Smokehouse

Yes, our smokehouse is ready and I love it. It works great! I will tell you more about our first smoked products in my next post. Here is the video how to build a smokehouse or how we did it and the finished product. Tips: If you want to build a smokehouse using timber, it

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