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We are a permaculture homestead site located in Pacific Haven on the Fraser Coast in the beautiful subtropical coastal area of Australia.

We are offering Permaculture workshops, courses, online-courses, internships, consulting and design services. Contact us for more info via email to permaculturehaven@gmail.com or via message through Facebook or Instagram.

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We are a proud Professional member of Permaculture Australia, the national permaculture member-based association.ย www.permacultureaustralia.org.au

Recent Testimonials

Sustainable Permaculture Garden โ€“ How to Plan and Grow Healthy Food โ€“ Self-Paced Online Course
Elizabeth W.
Really enjoyed learning simple and easy techniques to maintain healthy soil to grow a diverse range of edibles. Great to Learn how to put together your own compost and fertiliser and what edibles take or put back into the soil in order to rotate crops efficiently and keep production at a maximum. I have not drawn a plan as my veggie garden is already in place however I appreciate the necessity of making keen observations and designing according to needs and water source.
Permaculture Grow and Eat Workshop
Lorna Haig
Lorna Haig โ€“ 15/06/2020 This course is a great combination of learning about the huge range of edibles in the food forest and harvesting, cooking and eating them. Ewa is a fabulous host, friendly and very knowledgeable. She answered all of our questions patiently and ensured everyone had a great day. Highly recommended!
Permaculture โ€“ Grow and Eat Workshop
A real journey into a food forest! Surprising how you can eat all what you see in there, the good taste everything has, and the power of natural cycles. Ewa is a good guide, the garden is very rich, the techniques are interesting, the โ€œget the food-cook it- eat itโ€ is a nice experience and thereโ€™s a lot to learn. Thank you!
Permaculture Design for a 5 Acres Property Sunshine Acres QLD Australia
Great design with the intent to become sustainable. Ewa and Seb have worked their magic to create an awesome food forest. Best part is our rain water doesnโ€™t run away anymore and fills swales that feed the various trees.
Design Your Own Sustainable Edible Permaculture Garden โ€“ Workshop
Chelsea Larner
This course is a great insight and tool for anyone who wishes to start their own form of a sustainable edible garden be it small or large! Ewa was very informative and introduced us to a whole new range of plants, and assisted in determining the best plan for our individual properties. Plus the range of plants available to get started was huge, and we will most definitely be back for more in the future. We are super excited to get cracking on bringing the plan we developed into a reality, and even more excited to get our own produce into our bellies โ€“ smacznego.