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Our main goal is to inspire, and share our knowledge and experience about the sustainable and self-reliant way of life, demonstrate and teach how to grow food naturally all year round and prepare, preserve, and eat homegrown food. If you would like to find out how you can support our work, click on this link for more info.

We also sell plants and seeds, on our dedicated Food Forest Seeds page. All plants and seeds come from our food forest, naturally grown with love and no chemicals.

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Sustainable Permaculture Garden – How to Grow Abundance of Healthy Food All Year Round

This was a fabulous one-day course. The course is taught by Ewa, who has extensive qualifications and experience in permaculture and nutrition. The course was highly educational, starting with sustainability and the meaning of permaculture, and running through the basics of permaculture from soil and nutrition to water, swales and composting. The theory was backed up by lots of practical examples and recommendations from her own food forest. We were also supplied with a list of plants suitable for SE QLD, and lots of notes on the information in the presentation. Even though I have studied some permaculture, I still learned a lot. But the highlight of the day was a tour through her own food forest. This was the opportunity to see how all the theory was put into practice, and we received a detailed explanation on each plant, outlining both how to grow it and its benefits as a food or a medication. The information that she taught can be applied to all sizes of gardens and is suitable for gardeners at any stage of their development. In addition, we were able sample some of her tonics/teas and some home cooked goodies. We also sampled lots of leaves and berries as we toured the garden, and everyone got to take home a plant. It was a fabulous day, and I’ve already started to implement many of the things I learned on the course.
I can’t recommend this course highly enough.
Leo O’Reilly

Sustainable Permaculture Garden – How to Grow Abundance of Healthy Food All Year Round

I would like you to know how much I enjoyed your workshop. The information you gave was spot-on for a novice such as myself. I came from nothing, to be a super enthusiastic Permaculturer!!! Your passion and knowledge of the subject and its practical applications was astounding. There was not one single question thrown at you that was not thoroughly discussed. Your enthusiasm shined through and the engagement you elicited from our group was fantastic. We stayed up in Hervey Bay after the workshop and our whole family gathered around my lap-top to watch your videos. The videos with the birds off course were the most popular. My husband wants to know if you have a bird and poultry workshop as well. If you have, we will be there at the drop of a hat!
I came home and immediately set up my compost heap the way you explained. My current vegetables in pots probably knew that they were in for competition and started growing prolifically….. or was it the worm-juice you suggested I add 😉?
Once again, I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough!
Susanna Martin

Design Your Own Sustainable Edible Permaculture Garden

This course was exactly what I was looking for as a backyard beginner gardener. Ewa offers a course packed full with both conceptual and practical information. She is highly qualified with vast experience, and delivers the content with wisdom and passion, along with a down-to-earth practical approach.
The garden tour was fascinating, showing us the extraordinary diversity of Ewa’s food forest and demonstrating transferable gardening practices suitable for gardens large and small, like the three bin compost system.
I came away feeling like I had a solid foundation to approach my project with. And I have been pleasantly surprised by the progress so far!
Highly recommend this course.
Sophia Cecilia

Sustainable Permaculture Garden – How to Plan and Grow Healthy Food – Self-Paced Online Course

Excellent! I just completed this course and I want to thank Ewa for this huge amount of information and practical “how to” instructions in each lesson. I really loved the fact that Ewa explained it all so clearly and guided me to get a clear idea of where to start, how to set up my edible garden and how to grow healthy food. The design I had ready at the end of this course was something I didn’t expect I will be able to do myself!

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