Food Forest In Your Front- and Backyard

We can help you transform your front- and/or backyard into an amazing food forest.  Permaculture design can be applied even to a smallest space.

Our services start with just a simple on site consultation up to a complete, about ten pages Permaculture Plan with a researched concept designed especially for your property including structures, climate analysis, water, sector planing, zoning, planting and so on. It will be yours to keep and implement the design at your own pace and step by step or with our help if needed. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Permaculture Design Services

  • Step 1: We charge $180 for the very first site inspection and this includes the on site consultation where we inspect the property, ask you questions and discuss your needs and possibilities. Ideas are revised and refined throughout this process until a clear concept is established. You can stop at this point, take our advise on board and start the transformation on your own or we go over to the next step where we design the full permaculture food forest plan for you.
  • Step 2: Back at home, we’ll draw up the design to scale. We charge $60 per hour and it takes about 4-8 hours depends of the property. Permaculture Design Plan is an advanced researched concept design 5-10 pages and it includes plants list as well. The design will be emailed to you or printed out, laminated and send via post to you.
  • Step 3: from then on, you can start the practical part of the food forest at your own pace or we can help you to find a landscaper to do it. We can manage it and assist you through the whole process. We charge $60 per hour for consultation on site and advise.

Note: We can supply all the recommended plants in the design. We grow over one hundred different edibles in our food forest and all supplied seedlings are grown on site at our little nursery.

The travel costs would be additional depends where you live. The first 20km are free and then $1 per km.

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