Loving and living the permaculture on our 35 acres/13ha life project 🙂 in the beautiful subtropical coastal area in QLD Australia.

We are Certified Permaculture Designers and Educators and we love to spread the word about how to grow abundance of healthy food and encourage others into the permaculture way of life. Ewa has also a Food as Medicine Certificate.

We are delighted that Ewa has been asked to contribute an article each month into our local monthly magazine.

We have set up a local Garden Food Swap Group few years ago. We meet monthly and exchange, share and swap all sorts of garden and home grown and made goodies. It is also a great way to swap and share plants and seeds, too!

We are offering Permaculture Design Services and Consultation. Please also check our website for upcoming workshops and courses.

If you like to see our every day life, check our blog and Youtube channel where we share videos from our permaculture farm, gardening tips, recipes and more http://www.youtube.com/c/PermacultureHaven Cheers! Ewa & Seb