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We are located on the Fraser Coast, in Pacific Haven QLD Australia where we grow over 130 different edibles plus annual veggies. We have a collection of rare edible perennials and self-seeding edible plants that grow very well in our subtropical climate or have adapted to our climate very well.

Ewa is a certified Permaculture designer and educator. She also has a degree in Sustainable Living from the University of Tasmania and a Food as Medicine certificate from Monash University. Ewa is a passionate herbalist. She studied naturopathy and herbalism for many years in Germany. She enjoys growing plants for medicinal and beauty purposes, and of course for food. In addition, Ewa recently completed a Holistic Herbal Product Making Diploma.

Ewa and her husband who is also a certified Permaculture Designer, have been working together to transform their place into a self-reliant oasis.

We teach how to grow healthy food and can help plan, design, and transform any size backyard and front yard into an edible paradise. Check our website at www.permaculturehaven.com for more info and send us a message or email if you need help transforming your backyard into an edible paradise.

We sell plants, cuttings, and seeds through our online shop at www.foodforestseeds.au Most of them come from our Permaculture food forest. All are grown 100% naturally, with lots of love and care, and without any chemicals. Many of the edible plants in our food forest are not very well known but are very easy to grow, delicious, and packed with lots of health benefits. Most of them are perennials which means that they grow longer than only one season and this makes gardening so much easier. All plants, cuttings, and seeds we sell are non-GMO, open-pollinated, and naturally grown with no chemicals. Over 90% of them are coming from our food forest. The other ones are coming from our trusted suppliers.

We hope that the knowledge, and the long-year experience we share here on this page, will help others to become more self-reliant. Our services include consultation, site inspection, and edible landscape/food forest design. Please check this link for more info and pricing.

We are not open to the public but plant pickup by appointment is available. We do food forest tours once or twice a year, and also courses and workshops about how to design a permaculture garden and how to grow food.

Our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/permaculturehaven

Online shop for seeds, cuttings, and plants https://www.foodforestseeds.au/

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Thank you for stopping by and reading our story. Happy gardening!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at our email address ewa@permaculturehaven.com
Ewa & Seb

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