This recipe comes from Giulia, our Italian backpacker who visited us in June 2019, helped sooo much in the food forest and also found time to cook some delicious meals. I am so happy to share her recipe with you as the pizza was super delicious! Thank you Giulia!


Ingredients for 3 people

Wholegrain flour 300gr
Plain flour 200gr (you can eventually use the same kind of flour for the entire dough)
3-4 gr yeast
280 ml water
(dosis are approximative, you can adjust flour/water during the making)
note: wholegrain flour takes more time to bump up, so better to prepare it some hours in advance, but we prepared it in the afternoon for the dinner, I mixed the 2 flours, and the result was amazing anyway! 😊

Melt the yeast in a little bowl with warm water and sugar (it helps to start the process), then add it to the flours with the rest of water and knead the dough for a loooong time, with the right pressure. During this process you can add salt and a little bit of oil.
Eventually adjust the quantity of flour, and keep on kneading until the dough is compact and elastic.
Now you can cover it with a cotton cloth and leave it rest at a nice temperature (22-25*) for at least one hour, when you will meet it again doubled.

It’s time to spilt it in smaller balls and prepare the basis for your pizza (working table, splash of flour or semolina, and a rolling pin always helps)
Once they’re flat we can go with the seasoning:
-little layer of tomato sauce (we used tomatoes of the veggie garden.. really tasty!)
And what you prefere on top. We made one with speck, rocket/spinach and parmesan and one with tuna, onion and garlic oil.

Finally the cooking: On fire!


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