Elderberry Liqueur Recipe – Healthy Delicious and Easy to Make

This is a very easy to follow recipe. it is delicious and as an additional bonus, it is full of antioxidants and vitamin C to boost your immune system and helps fight cold and flue. It gives you 2L of liqueur.

  • 750ml elderberry cordial or syrup – you will find the recipe how to make it here
  • natural vanilla extract
  • 250g raw sugar
  • 1L white rum or any other flavourless alcohol at about 42-45%

Place elderberry syrup in a larder pot, add sugar and vanilla. Bring to boil while stirring in between. Set aside and cool down. It really need do be cold so I usually let it sit on a kitchen bench for about two hours and then move it into fridge until cold. Add rum or other alcohol + white rum flavour, stir to combine and fill into clean bottles. Let it sit in the cupboard for about 1-2 weeks to get enhance the flavour.


Here the video with all steps