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Traditional and Family Focused – Sustainable Christmas

This is the article I wrote for our local magazine The Beacon 🙂
Christmas is all about traditions and enjoying the time with loved ones. Thinking about traditions brings stories and memories back. Celebrating like our ancestors will not only keep the traditions alive but also save you money and it helps the environment.
Here are some tips on how to celebrate a sustainable Christmas. These are all ideas from the time where people didn’t have other options than to celebrate sustainably mostly because of the limited resources. Let’s get back in time and help save our planet.
  • Christmas tree – Consider a living tree. Turn your houseplant into a Christmas tree or buy a new plant you like, even a young fruit tree which you can plant in the garden later on. You can also make your own Christmas tree from natural materials you find in nature.
  • Christmas decorations – opt for handcrafted decorations made from natural materials like wood, paper, dry plants, flowers, fruits or baked treats like biscuits. Alternatively, buy second hand or re-use your old Christmas decorations.
  • Zero food waste – Don’t leave the food sitting on the table for hours. Keep all leftovers in the fridge for the next day or freeze in portions. Most leftovers can be transformed to a delicious meal later on. If you have too many leftovers, give it to someone in need or compost the food you cannot store.
  • Plastic free tableware – go traditional with the best tableware you have (it’s Christmas!), or choose eco-friendly options
  • Christmas crackers – Most of the content goes to the rubbish bin on the same day. Find plastic free, recyclable and eco-friendly crackers or make your own. Plenty of ideas online!
  • Christmas presents – Simply ask or consider carefully what your loved ones might need. Choose meaningful, handcrafted and homemade presents. For the kids, toys made from natural materials like timber, books or eco-friendly cuddly toys will last longer and bring more memories than any plastic toy. Get creative this Christmas!
  • Wrapping presents in a nice t-shirt or towel is a great way to bring your present into the next level.
  • Shop locally – Visit your local markets, search social media for handcrafted gifts, buy local food. Make and bake the festive food from scratch like your ancestors were doing it. Christmas is only once a year! Make it special! It all helps to make the difference.
  • No phone or TV on Christmas day, especially at the Christmas table – spend time with your family and friends! Create memories!
And if you are looking for a simple and delicious Christmas cake inspiration like in the attached image, head to our website at and search for Christmas Stollen. Super easy to make. I promise!

“May the Christmas season fill your home with joy, your heart with love and your life with laughter. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and all the best in 2021” – Ewa and Seb from Permaculture Haven – Sustainable Living Choices on the Fraser Coast