Easy Way To Protect Plants From Sun And Bugs

I just have to share it with you as the gardening makes so much more fun since I started to use the nets over my annuals in the raised veggie patch. It protects the plants from the strong sun we have in Australia over the summer time and of course the bugs have nearly no chance to get in means more harvest for us :).
The water comes through as well so easy watering. You just need to make sure that the net you buy is food safe. The best you can buy is made of brand new HDPE: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is used to make bottles for fruit juice, milk, water and kitchen cleansing products.
Please also see my video for an easy way how to install and use it in your garden.

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Pawziki – Tzatziki Substitute

We usually eat the BBQ lamb chops with tzatziki. I didn’t have any cucumbers at home that day but I did have a pawpaw and so the pawziki was born 🙂 I can tell you, we loved it and if you ask me, this is our new favorite sauce for serving with lamb, steak or burgers.

Pawziki – Tzatiki Substitute

  • Pawpaw green or greenish, not ripe
  • salt
  • garlic
  • Greek yogurt

Grade the pawpaw, add salt, combine and leave in a fridge for about 1 hour.
Add yogurt and combine. Enjoy with your bbq lamb chops, steak or hamburgers!

Tips & Hints: You can see on the photos that my pawpaw was pink. This one was still firm and not sweet and it was the ONLY one I had that day so it was fine but I will try to do the pawziki with a green pawpaw when I have one next time.

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