Perfect, and such a delicious way to preserve passionfruit when in abundance. This is my husband’s recipe ( I made the jam! LOL) and I think it is the best I have ever tried so I am sharing it today with you.

Passionfruit Jam RecipeQuick and Easy


  • passionfruit – as many as you like – I usually take 10-12 fruits)
  • sugar – you need to weigh it during the process – see description below
  • lemon juice from half to one lemon or lime
  1. Wash the fruits. Cut in half and scoop the pulp. Weigh the pulp and place it in the fridge for later use. Keep half of the best-looking shells.
  2. Cover the saved shells with water and boil, with a lid on, until the white flesh becomes translucent. This usually takes about half an hour. Drain and save about half a cup of the water. Cool the shells for better handling.
  3. Scoop the inner flesh and discard the outer skin. Weigh the inner flesh.
  4. Blend the inner flesh with a stick mixer or in a food processor until smooth. I always do it with a stick mixer in the pot where I am going to cook the jam.
  5. Add sugar, lemon/lime juice, the saved water, and the passionfruit pulp to the outer flesh puree. For the sugar, you need 1:1 of the sum of pulp and flesh. I had 900 grams of pulp and flesh so I added 900 grams of sugar. You can use either white or raw sugar.
  6. Boil on a low heat until ready. It may take about half an hour or longer. Stir in between so the jam won’t stick to the bottom of the pot. Remove the scum in between. Make a cold plate test to see if the jam is ready.
  7. Fill sterilised jars (clean and rinsed with boiling water is enough) and close them immediately. You can keep the jam in the pantry for at least one jar providing that the jars are sealed properly.

Tip: Make sure that all the jars and lids are clean and in “as new” condition, and the jars and lids are super clean, and rinsed with boiling water.

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